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Samsung or Apple: Which tablets are sturdier according to their users?


A study by Wertgarantie among more than 11,000 tablet and laptop users revealed: Samsung tablets are sturdier than Apple ones according to their users – only 37.6 per cent have defects in their device during its entire service life.


Samsung tablet users seem to handle their devices rather more cautiously, as only one in three had already had damage to their tablet, including display damage, technical defects and minor flaws. By contrast, Apple tablet users, at 43.6 per cent, have more cases of damage. One possible reason for this could be that iPad users use their devices while out and about more frequently than Samsung users. This would also explain the higher level of drop damage (10.6 per cent) with Apple and the low level with Samsung (6.9 per cent). Not surprisingly, the display is especially frequently affected by a drop – Apple (68.8 per cent) and Samsung (65.8 per cent).


“iPad users seem to have recognized the danger and it is particularly common for them to protect their device with a protective case or screen protector. 72.5 per cent of Apple users place special importance on good protection, whereas with Samsung users it is just 65.6 per cent,” explains Marco Brandt, Division Manager for Digital Business at Wertgarantie.


Samsung and Apple neck and neck with battery problems

There is one thing Samsung and Apple users have in common: a good half of the tablets develop battery problems in the course of their life cycle. Despite everything, Apple users are big fans of their devices: 42.6 per cent would choose to repurchase their device. Only 34.6 per cent, however, of Samsung users would buy the same device again.


Data on which the survey was based

Wertgarantie commissioned Statista to conduct the survey. 11,140 users aged between 18 and 60+ years were surveyed in the period from June to August 2018. The overall survey results about Apple, Samsung and further manufacturers can be found in the Tablet Repair Study 2018.



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